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The Challenge

Legacy system information is sometimes inaccessible in a modern way. In this case, data optimized for access over the Telnet protocol needs to be usable with only a web browser. The challenge was to make a Telnet system accessible in any web browser using HTML5 and Javascript.

The Solution

We created a web server which acts as a bridge between the web browser and the Telnet connection. The server takes an address from the client side javascript via web sockets, opens a Telnet connection, and proceeds to middle man data back and forth between the HTML5 faux (fake) terminal and the Telnet server.  This works very well for VT100 terminal data and supports a subset of ANSI encoding.

This project was a proof of concept that worked quite well. The business applications for these techniques are most useful in bridging data between legacy systems and modern systems. The code for this project is open source, and can be found on GitHub.

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