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The Challenge

You know what’s annoying? Moving. You know what’s also annoying? All the card board boxes involved with the process of moving.

STL Rent-A-Box provides their clients with a better solutions. Instead of buying cardboard boxes and disposing of them later, you can rent durable shipping boxes from them! (I wish their service was available for my move from STL to Vermont).

Since their service is only available to the greater St Louis area, they wanted to qualify their potential clients on the website by zipcode. If the client is moving ‘from’ and ‘to’ a zipcode they service the website would allow them to browse the shopping cart for options.

The Solution

We developed a simple system that sits in front of their shopping cart software. The first time a client would attempt to go to the ecommerce section of their site they are greeted by a ‘to’ and ‘from’ zip code form. The client simply enters their zipcode information, and our software checks it against STL Rent-A-Box’s list of serviceable zip codes. If they qualify, they are forward to the shopping cart page. Their session is also remembered for next time, so they will not be asked to enter their zip code every time they visit the site. Users who are outside their serviceable zipcode area are routed to another page with a ‘sorry’ message.  The good news for unqualified clients is the zipcode sort saved them the time they would have otherwise wasted trying to purchase a product they couldn’t have.

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