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    WordPress theming, server side scripting, Regular Expressions, Google Maps API, Email scripting, SalesForce API, Bitly
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The Challenge

Suncommon makes it possible for individuals who qualify for their service to get great deals on a solar panel setup for their homes.  Qualify for the service is done by using an online form. Suncommon wanted the following:

  • Have people enter their basic information into a form, including their home address.
  • Based on the Home address, have a Google map pop up with a pin on it. The pin would represent Google’s best guess as to where their house was.
  • Make it so the user verifies the pin is on their house by dragging and dropping the pin.
  • The user would then pick their power company from a drop down list, and continue filling out the rest of the form

The Solution

Create a suite of software that handles the user experience, the engineer experience, and archives the data into Salesforce.

The form would look at the user’s information and make a decision based on Suncommon’s service area.  If the user’s information fit the criteria, it would sent them to a ‘Thank you’ Page and automatically email their associated utility company requesting a release of their power information.

The second thing the software does is package all the information, and send it to SalesForce. This includes a packaged version of the Google Map the user verified their house location on. That map with verification is helpful for the engineers because Google maps (or any mapping software) isn’t 100% all the time on pin locations. With the user verified location, and the customer’s account information at their finger tips they are easily able to create a customized proposal for the user.


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