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  • Skills Needed:
    WordPress Server Migration, DNS, WpEngine, Google Webmaster tools
  • Client:
    The Kitchen Table Bistro
  • Project URL:

The Challenge

The Kitchen Table Bistro needed to find a new company to work on their website. They needed some one with WordPress experience for their WordPress site, as well as some one who could work with this customized theme. We were able to help. The site itself was running on shared hosting, and they wanted to optimize their page load time, while adding in extra security and back ups.

The Solution

There are many hosting solutions on the internet. We’ve tried all the big names, all the discount sites, and all of the cloud services. There’s different services that work best for particular software. No one service is ideal for everything (Amazon web services may argue this point, and it would be a good one I’d have to pull the ‘end user complexity card’.

When it comes to WordPress we are relying on WPEngine to host our sites. They are without a doubt the best WordPress hosting around. Our company has an account with WPEngine, and we offer hosting at a volume discount to our WordPress clients.  The Kitchen Table Bistro website was a perfect fit for this hosting, and we migrated their website without a hitch. Now it runs super fast, and secure. As an added touch we setup the site with Google Web Master tools, and submitted a new site map to ensure their site was found on Google as best as possible.

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