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The Challenge

Trattoria Delia is a popular restaurant in down town Burlingon, Vermont. Their existing website had their menu information typed into the pages of the website. Whenever their menu changed, they would need to update the website. It turns out their menu changes quite a bit. Their menus are designed in Illustrator, and then retyped into the website. That process for them was as annoying as it was time consuming. The challenge was to cut out the double work any way possible and make updating the website a breeze.

The Solution

The solution has a lot of automation involved, but here’s how updating a menu works from their perspective.  They email us a PDF menu as an attachment, and the website is updated in  less than 5 minutes.

On the back end, we have a web bot that does many tasks for us. For this project, a module was added to look out for menu updates from the restaurant. When the updates are found, the bot goes out to their website, archives the old menu, and replaces it with a new menu. From a SEO standpoint, some would argue that keyword value is lost in using PDF documents vs plain text. Our logic, and our client’s logic was that the hypothetic (Google can read and index PDF text) losses in abstract food key words was worth the trade in the real time they would be saving.  In addition, their website was not designed to be responsive, so the menu text was difficult to read on mobile devices. By going with strictly PDF menus they were able to save time in the update workflow, as well as make their menus easy to read for their increasingly mobile customers.

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