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The Challenge

First, some background about this project:

The Green Labs Initiative at the Washington University School of Medicine, now in its 2nd year, has led to a reduction in electricity usage of approximately 25% coupled with utility-scale energy efficiency improvements. This has already saved the university $500,000 and prevented the release of over 10,000 tons of CO2! The Danforth Campus Green Labs Initiative, beginning fall 2011 as a pilot program in Brauer Hall, features real-time online energy usage graphs and a network of lab energy representatives.

The challenge was in two parts.  Part one, a website needed to be designed and built for the Green Labs project.  Part two, each of the individual labs associated to the project needed to have their own page, which displayed real time energy consumption data for that lab.

The Solution

They wanted a modern site that had all the web savvy bells and whistles like SEO optimization, content management, and expandability. WordPress was a good choice to meet their needs for the foundation of their website.  With that in mind, we configured their hosting, installed WordPress, and customized it look like their branding.  We also setup a small wiki for them for adding a reference guide to lab hardware to works with the Energy Consumption Optimizer.

For the real time energy graphing we used the same technology we developed for the Green Cup project, and more energy monitoring hardware. The software to handle graphing was written with the expectation to reuse it for this project.  We were able to package all of the functionality for the energy graphs into a WordPress plugin.  With the plugin activated, the configuration to get the graphs online didn’t take long.

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